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ahb_arne_nils_bikkjene.jpg (21586 bytes) Early morning - the boys are getting ready for a new day of hunting. Just a cup of coffe first...

The Groenendael Ulv and a German Hunt Terrier. I really like the GHT - the little "devils" sure is a versatile hunting dogs full of temperament.

(From Left): Arne, Arve and Nils


The dogs are eager and want to get on.

This German Hunt Terrier was once attacked by a large fox: She was running along a grass field, sniffing and investigating some old scents, when the fox suddenly jumped out from behind some bushes and grabbed her over the neck. The fox sure ran away quickly when he bacame aware of his mistake - and the grumpy German exploded and counter attacked. Unlucky ambush of the day!

ulv_jaktterrier.jpg (16712 bytes)


ahb_papost.jpg (21255 bytes) Looks pretty calm on the picture, but right here a 1,5 year old moose ran by a moment ago and the dachs bayed a "grevling" (don't know what you call that in English.


ahb_gunnar_arne.jpg (26916 bytes) This day we were able to drive to the different parts of the desolate and large forrest. Then we walked from there.

Here we've just arrived to a new place. There are also some wildboars running in this woods.



André and Ulv
endaetradyr.jpg (19643 bytes) Ulv's very interested in a newly shot roe-deer. A very fine one too, this female.


rabbitkaster.jpg (13843 bytes) Back at the house, we decide to have some fun - shooting rabbitduer!

This thrower sends the round woodplates out at express speed, they "run" across the field on the ground and we shoot them with a shotgun.



ahb_ulv_gunnar_rabbitduer.jpg (25263 bytes) They behave much like real rabbits, humping and bumping at fast speed, and the shooter stands in front and 90 degrees to the left of the man who sends them out.

When they stop, Ulv's sent out to retrieve (Got a video clip of this too. See at the bottom of this page: The Dogs Page.).



Thank you!

ahb_ulv_gunnar_rabbitduer2.jpg (14251 bytes)
ahb_ulv_gunnarskyterrabbitduer.jpg (16465 bytes) Gunnar's turn to try hit those fast running wood plates! It ain't easy, though.

Gunnar is by the way a competior with the shotgun and has won a lot of local championships.



The dogs retrieving everyone of them. He's working hard, but actually think this is great fun! All the firing, running prey and gets to retrieve as much as he'd like - dog's heaven! ulv_apportrabbitduer.jpg (18762 bytes)


andejakt1.jpg (20955 bytes) Well, back to the real world. Duck hunting (and hopefully some retrieving here too).

I am not shooting here - I am holding the dog and release him when a duck is shot.



Mallard duck city, this is...

andejakt3.jpg (19727 bytes)


andejakt4.jpg (25028 bytes) Thanks. You've been working hard today? I saw that particular duck wasn't dead when you grabbed him, though. He is now, so stop scweezing his head now, will you?

No, actually, the dog Ulv is not one of those "I'll chew on him as long as I can"-dogs. He's a great retriever, which in my opinion includes NOT being a chewer. It's not funny to have to outrun the dog every time you shoot a bird - and if you don't you'll end up with an all-chewed-up-grouse when you want it for the freezer. :-)



arne_radyr.jpg (36236 bytes) We're getting ready to skin the roe-deers. We get the meat, the wildboars and them dogs get the rest.

Arne Aaberg




ulv&vorsteh.jpg (23468 bytes) A local Vorsteh male came by when he smelled the roe-deers, but he didn't dear to come all the way up to us. And we wouldn't let them either, because two such dogs together over a roe-deer can get nasty when they fight. Instead, Ulv decide to meet him halfway, and they have a friendly encounter before they split and return to theirs.


Arve and Ulv. 
Gunnar and Ulv are hanging up one of the roe-deers in a tree. gunnar_hengeroppradyr.jpg (22975 bytes)


ab_radyrutavskog.jpg (18359 bytes) On this picture I've shot a "kid" - a yearling roe-deer. We always shoot the kid and the roe-deer goat - in that order. But in this case the goat came running first, and she dissappeared so quick over the 10 meter site pass, so I didn't have the time.

Actually the kid dissappeared too, even with a perfect hit. They often do so when shot on the run. So Ulv had to track it down in the dense woods. It didn't run far though.

(from left): Arne, Ulv and André




A fine fox, but actually, also this one ran about 70 meters after being shot. Even with a perfect hit which went through just millimeters behind both shoulders at right height.

It's like this, when an animal gets shot when running they tend to run quite a bit further. One almost have to hit right through both shoulder plates, or fragments from the bullet has to go into the back spine, for the animal to drop dead on place.

So, the dog had to track this one too.

Some of these larger foxes are really tough on the roe-deer yearlings and it's neccessary to shot at least some of them so that they don't totally dominate the area.

rev_ab_ulv.jpg (37267 bytes)

Ulv and André


Large k-9 teeth on this healthy fox.

rev_ab_ulv2.jpg (11170 bytes)


sverige_pause.jpg (14783 bytes) Far out in the bush. Hunting isn't just hunting. It's also about having a good time with friends.


ulv_ab_postjordet.jpg (10954 bytes) A nice long range pass, but running roe-deers on the edge of that wood isn't exactly a safe bet. Often it helps to whistle one sharp, short time - then the roe-deers stop for a couple of seconds. Safer that way.

André & Ulv




A roe-deer buck I shot. 110 meters, and right behind both shoulder plates. This way you don't ruin too much meat. radyrbukk_cg4000.jpg (20826 bytes)

The buck and my old CG 4000 rifle. A rifle with extreme precision and a mounted Pecar Vari3-7x35.


The Basset, Vigdis and Ulv is playing during a break in the hunt. The damn bastard is harassing the Basset with his multiple false attacks at lightning speed. But they both enjoyed it - the Basset wagging her tail and jumped around joyful every time Ulv passed her.  ulv_basset.jpg (11477 bytes)


ulvogradyrnytt.jpg (29672 bytes)
Ulv and another roe-deer.





A fine day duck hunting by a lake. Also a couple of Flatcoated Retrievers in this picture. They sure were good retrievers and was trained specially for that purpose.

Video clip: Ulv retrieving

Video clip: Hunting roe-deer and moose

andejakt2.jpg (22409 bytes)


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