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Hunting inSweden
-- Many new pictures in here from different years --



Arve and Ulv in Östergötland, Sverige. A nice terrain for roe-deer and moose.

Arve & Ulv


Pyrch hunting roe deer. 
On this picture I've just shot  two roe deers after a fine hunt. We observed the animals 500-600 meters away and made up a strategy. During the next 1,5 hour I sneak up on them in the open field and shot an 6-7 years old roebuck. Ten minutes later I shot the old female.  

The roebuck was very alert and hard to sneak up on. During the last meters he raised his head and looked my way for every step. At this moment I had managed to get about 200 meters away from him on the large open field.  



Arve has shot two roedeers - doublé.

He sat hiding on this large field when they passed at 80 meters. And in the right order, he shot the calf first and then the female.  

From left: Nils H. Baggerød, Arve H. Brun, Gunnar Kjellin, Arne Aaberg and Ulv.

2 roedeers



The female was an old roedeer. At this time of the year she should allready have got rid of the summer coat by now. She also only had one calf. The next year her territory had been taken over by a younger female with 3 calfs.

Old one



Arve has just shot a doublé during an early morning hunt. 

Arve and Rolle




Rolle has bought himself a Cheasepeak for the wounded ones, but he wasn't more than a puppy at this time so he stayed at home. 

Ulv beside two of them. 


Arne, Gunnar, André and Arve.     Dogs: Lucas and Ulv.


André and dåhjort


Gunnar and Lucas


Arne and Gunnar with a nice dåhjort buck! Shot by Arne in  2004. 



Gunilla, Maxxa and Ulv



The Hochsitzs are used to get high up in the terrain to see the roe-deer, moose, wild boar etc. - espesially useful if you hunt in a dense, bushy area like the one on the picture. We also used Hochsitz a lot in Poland.




During the actual hunt we're using Dachs, German Hunt Terriers and Vorsteher. These dogs don't hunt in the same way: The Vorsteher is driving the roe-deers in full speed for some hundred meters - what we call "støtende hund", but the Dachs and the GHT follow the tracks of the roe-deer/moose. 

German Hunt Terrier/ Deutche Jagt Terrier



The German Hunt Terrier male - a fine hunting dog.




Pyrsch hunting (stalking) about seven o'clock in the morning. It's almost sad to shoot a beautiful animal like this one...

Ulv sat beside me and saw it all - the roe-deer, the shot - but he had to wait until I gave him permission to run the 110 meters to the fallen roe-deer. He was very exited. 

André, Ulv and roe-deer



Arve has just seen a few roe-deers, but it was  at too long a distance.




Arne Aaberg has shot a fine young buck. The Vorsteher passed him some minutes ago, when the buck suddenly ran out from a dense bush just some meters away from him - and where the Vorsteher ran...



Arve has shot a moose in the deep woods of Östergötland. He's a very experienced hunter. 

Arve and Ulv



Gunnars mother, Bettina is happy for the moose. This means a lot of meat for the winter time.

Bettina Kjellin



And she then made a meal dedicated Arve, to celebrate the moose.

Arve and Bettina



The Dachs, Luckas - a well earned rest after the hunt.




Early morning. Planning the next hunt.

Arne, Nils, Arve & Gunnar



Lunch time. Back at the cabine.




Nils with a woodcock

Nils and woodcock



Out in the woods again.



A fine terrain for both roe-deer and moose.




Tracking with the Groenendael Ulv.

Arne, André and Ulv



Arve and Ulv with a moose. 



Arne Aaberg has just shot a roebuck with his drilling.




One of the evenings Bettina invited a lot of hunters for a fine supper. A great way to get to know other hunters. Here there are hunters from Norway, Sweden and even Denmark.



Bettina and Gunnar lives in a beautiful place in Östergötland.



Blowing the hunters horn.



Ulv with a fox.


In Sweden they had wildboars inside a large fenced area. The big one on the picture weighted 270 kg. (about 550 lb. I think) and he was fast as a bullet. The owner, Gunnar Kjellin asked for fun if we should have a contest: "We'll run across the fenced area and the one who GETS over has won"... :-)

Ulv, the dachs Lucas and wildboars




Ulv's chasing wild boars back inside the fenced area. .





villsvinradyr.jpg (24943 bytes)


Gunnar often fed the wildboars with what was left of roe-deers and mooses. The wildboars preferred this over fruit and ordinary pig food. I think it's the same in the wild.

If, for example a roe-deer was killed by a car in the area, he gave it to the wildboars and it was gone in 15 minutes...



Ulv and a moose.

Ulv and moose2.


Roe Deer in different languages: 
 SWE: Rådjur, ENG: Roe Deer, NO: Rådyr, DE: Rehwild, FR: chevreuil, 
Capreolus capreolus


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