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hunting inNorway

This picture is from an beaver hunt in Tufsingdalen/Hedmark/Norway.

Beaver is one of the very few species that are allowed to hunt during spring. That's because there are only beaver males that are active during the hunting season.

Arve with beaver



arve_bevertre.jpg (48958 bytes)

Arve is studying the work of a beaver. Some clear evidence of beaver activity in this area!


arve_beverjakt_elv.jpg (30114 bytes)

A way of hunting beaver is to float downstream with a boat on the river.

arve_bever.jpg (20846 bytes)

Arve has shot a moose in Østerdalen. We hunted moose for some years, but not any longer. It just became to much for us during a hectic season - it isn't time enought to do all...

Moose hunt



Dove hunting... André and Loke

Hunting in Kongsvinger




From left: Thorbjørn Gjølstad, Tor-Magne Hovland, André Brun and Joachim S. Onsrud after a great hunt in Kongsvinger.

We shot 3 blackcocks that day - 06:30 in the morning.

Hunting at Thobjørns place in Kongsvinger



Joachim and his old vorsteher, Dixie. She hunted with us for some days this year and found several blackcocks.

Joachim & Dixie



This place is great place for blackcock. The blackcocks are shy and extreamly difficult to hunt - I guess that's partly why we do it...

Tor-Magne and André with blackcocks



Hunting cormorant and eider duck at Arnes place.

The incredibly shy cormorants were hard to get close enough, but we succeeded a couple of times.

Arve and Arne, hunting eider duck and cormorant



In Norway we have good traditions of eating almost everything we shoot - from reindeer, moose and roe-deer to birds.

The cormorants and the eider ducks are both very tasty if you cut off all the fat.

André and Arne



Arve H. Brun, Arne Aaberg, Nils H. Baggerød, Bjørn Herseth, Paul Muller Nielsen and André Brun after a succesful grouse hunt on Sørøya.

Grouse hunting on Sørøya



Sørøya is an island far north in Norway - 70° N - and the nature is wild and beautiful - next stop is the North Pole...

Grouse hunting on Sørøya


(Soon there'll be a separate page on Sørøya.)
Video clip: Hunting roe-deer and moose

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