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---- Reindeer hunting ----

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Maybe the high mountain reindeer hunting in Norway ranks as one of the worlds most exclusive and greatest hunts of all. These animals are perfectly adapted to a life in the high mountains of Norway. They live in the same enviroment now as they have been living for thousands of years and we hunt them almost like they did thousands of years ago. Of course, with the exception of modern rifles.

We'll gladly walk for hours to reach up in the high mountains - to the kingdom of the reindeer herds.

Arve H. Brun



Hege & André in Findalen 2002. 


A nice day in the high mountains. Usually we'll stay in a tent at night and walk and watch for reindeer all day.

The weather isn't always as nice as on this picture. It can be sunny in the morning and a freezing cold snow storm a few hours later - and back again in no time...

André Brun in Finndalen



A picture of the base camp in Finndalen for many years.




We hunt reindeer with a lot of respect to the nature and the animals. It's the most exciting hunt and can lasts for hours, but in one way, it's an anti climax when the reindeer has been shot.

André Brun



Arve with one of the largest reindeer I have ever seen. Shot in Finndalen.

The reindeers in this area are the largest and most healthy in all of Norway.

Arve H. Brun



Arve og Ulv etter en fin dag i reinsfjellet.

Her bærer Ulv 12-14 kg. Man skal imidlertid være forsiktig med å laste for mye i kløven, men som en tommelfingerregel kan en hund med god fysikk/kropp som er GODT trent bære ca. 1/2 sin egen kroppsvekt over lengre tid.




ulv_klov_reinsjakt.jpg (32976 bytes)

Ulv is carrying his share - 20 lb. of reindeer down the 4 hours walk from the high mountains.


arve_erling_reinsbukk.jpg (20669 bytes)

Erling, Arve and Varg with a fine reindeer, shot in the mountains of Sjåk.


ulv_ahb_reinsjakt.jpg (12748 bytes)

Arve and Ulv resting at the Findalen side of Steinflying, during some days of reindeer hunting.


The reindeer on Svaldbard is different than ours. They have shorter legs and more of a round, fat body.

Arve took this picture when he was working a year on Svalbard. He was the leaders of the building of the airport and went many trips out on the tundra.

Reindeer on Svalbard (photo: Arve H. Brun)



Finndalen, 2000. Ulv is aware of the rein deers long before we're able to see them through binoculars. I have to trust him, even if I don't see any.

Ulv in Finndalen



arve_rein.jpg (15315 bytes)

Arve and the reindeer herd, 300-400 animals in the horizon.


During the weeks of rein deer hunting we often walk for 10-12 hours a day. Three and four days in a row. The areas are enormous - and fabolous - at 1700-1900 meters height.


Here we are at Steinflyin - where the snow never goes away...

André and Ulv at Steinflyin (photo: Arve)



Rein deer hunting is a lot about using binoculars (and hours of walking, of course... :-)

Arve og Ulv



Time for a break at 1800 meters height. I fell asleap for an hour in the nice weather that day. When I woke up, Ulv laid like this . He would never leave or run away just like that.

If you take a closer look at the picture you can see there are not much vegetation. But there are some - even flowers in mini size.


André & Ulv


Arve has shot a "semle" (reindeer female).





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