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---- Grouse hunting in Vågå ----

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There are not a lot of grouse in our mountains in Vågå, but they are spread out on enormous areas so you may hunt almost wherever you like. Of course, some areas are more populated with grouse than others, and some areas are winter habitats rather than late summer or fall habitats. They are beautiful birds - living on the edge of what's possible in the high mountains.




That day, Arve and I shot two grouses each and Ulv retrieved them like he'd been training for it all his life.

Ulv (9 months) and Arve with grouses



And this picture is many years old. I've shot my first 4 grouses ever. I think I was about 10-11 years old and the picture is from Sjodalen.

I had hunted some before with a Star single barrel cal.16, but this year I got a BRNO o/u and this was the premier day. What a day for a 10 years old kid!

André with 4 grouses (photo: Arve)



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Arve and Egil and his two Vorstehs, Cæsar and Frøya. Two brothers grouse hunting a fine september morning.


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Ulv has just retrieved a grouse in Fuglhø. It's nice to have a dog that both retrieve and carry the birds. 


Cross country skiing and hunting in the high mountains of Russdalen. The weather was really fine that day!



Tor-Magne, and Besshø in the background. We saw a hare and some grouse that day, but the birds flew up beyond range.

Tor-Magne, Besshø.



Russdalen is a mountain valley which goes west from Sjodalen. Russdalen has always been frequented by hunters and fishermen.

Sjodalen in the background



This picture is taken in Fuglhø/Vågå many, many years ago. Erling has just shot a blackcock.

Erling, the English setter, Tass and André



Ulv på Tesse



This picture is taken on a grouse hunt in Salia. Ulv's first grouse hunt and grouse retrieving at the age of 9 months.

Ulv with grouses



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Have you ever seen a Rakkelhane before? A mix between a black cock and...I guess you can see from the picture what the other is.

I have a video clip of this bird. I filmed it at the end of a grouse hunt when we walked back down the woods. 

Just to let you know: I let this rare bird go, so on the clip you'll see him finally fly off.




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A close up video clip of a rare "Rakkelhane"


Video: Retrieving
Different retrieving situations: The Groenendael Ulv retrieving grouse, mallard and during trap shooting.

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