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---- Fox and roe-deer hunting in Vågå ----


Vågå is situated in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. We have a house in Vågå and it is situated in the middle of the hunting terrain for roe-deer and fox, and grouse hunting just minutes away. Vågå is a great place to be if you are interested in wildlife, hunting and fishing for wild trout and grayling. arve_radyr_vaga.jpg (45142 bytes)

Arve and a roe-deer



This is from a fox hunting in Vågå in February. We usually hunt fox late in the winter.

The picture from left: André Brun, Arve H. Brun, Rolv-Ivar Bergdølmo, Ola Bergdølmo and Odd Engen.

Fox hunting in Vågå (photo: T-M. Hovland)



Fox hunting in the rough terrain in Vågå mid-winter. Ulv and André.

On this picture you can also see Jappe in the background - a border collie puppy. He's with us sometimes just for fun. He's a great dog, but not a hunter like the rest of the dogs. Jappe's destiny in life is to herd sheeps on a neighbour farm.



The dogs are also with us. A fox terrier, Tess the dachs/terrier mix and Ulv the groenendael tracking dog.

Fox hunting in Vågå



On this picture, Ulv is just 3 or 4 months old, but he's already learning the basics of hunting. This is from his first winter.

Arve and Ulv (photo: André B)



The fall of 1999. Ulv is being trained to follow tracks of wounded roe-deers. And this is his first real roe-deer (not just training blood tracks!).

Ulv and roe-deer (photo: Arve H. Brun)



Tess, Varg & André with two roe-deers -- doublé!

Tess was a fine dachs/terriermix and hunted with us for a couple of seasons. She was like a fast and quik dachs.

Tess, Varg & André with 2 roe-deers



arve_radyr_vhytta.jpg (10475 bytes)

Arve is a very experienced hunter and seldom misses when he first has decided to shot...

Another fine roe-deer a cold winter day in Vågå.

Arve with roe- deer



Varg, the old Groenendael with a roe-deer.

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Varg and roe-deer



At our place in Vågå after a succesful roe-deer hunt.

Varg and André



slakting.jpg (16039 bytes)

(From right): Jørn, Arve, Ulv, André


rodrev.jpg (6800 bytes)

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