AB's Polychenille:



Sometimes you need a thicker abdomen for those large stoneflies. And by twisting the AB's Polychenille one or two times you are able to tie flies with the right proportions no matter how large the fly is. With or without tails.


1. Twist a piece of AB's Polychenille several times. Fold the piece and let it twist around
itself to a doubled size. You may repeat this procedure to get an even thicker body of
the fly. This is done in seconds.


2. Here we have a twisted piece of AB's Polychenille. Place it in the vice like shown on
the photo, grab your bobbin and make some snug wraps just behind the jaws of the vice
and whip finish. Now you have an abdomen for the fly that won't untwist.


3. Here you see the original size, and the twisted version.


4. Tie in the tails, and you have a very light and high floating imitation that really looks great on
water. Just add some floatant on-stream and you'll have a fly that will stay afloat fish after fish.
And that's something that we really appreciate.

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