AB's Polychenille:
Brun's Tipula



To make an extended light body on a fly is now just fun with this new material. AB's Polychenille makes it very fast and easy to tie sparsely dressed flies that floats extremely well and looks good on water.

Brun's Tipula, the fly that introduced shivering rubber legs on cranefly imitations some years ago, got a face lift during the testing period with this new material. And it was really amazing. Now, the Brun's Tipula is available with the new AB's Polychenille. A great trout fly has even got better and faster to tie!

Use the AB's Polychenille tan or med. brown.

Brun's Tipula
Hook : Mustad R48, #12- 14
Thread : UNI 8/0, tan
Abdomen : AB's Polychenille, tan (or med.brown)
Thorax : Fly-Rite, same colour as abdomen
Wings : CdC, natural grey
Wing case : A slice of brown Polycelon (or equivalent closed cell foam)
Legs : Gray/ brown Micro Round Rubber etc. 
(any small-diameter, flexible rubber will do).

Brun's Tipula

André Brun

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