Leena Hokkinen, Finland


Do you own an English Springer Spaniel? Have you ever trained blood tracking with your Springer? If you haven’t I recommend you to do so – you might be surprised, Springers do have a good nose. You must remind that you can never force your dog to track; the whole tracking training must be based on dog’s willingness to find the track and follow it.

I’ve been training blood tracking with my English springer spaniel Boris just for fun. And it’s the dog that is having fun and I just love to look how he enjoys the whole thing. My role is mainly follow Boris and keep quiet and most of all let him work independently.  Boris has always been very excited about the blood tracking.  

Anyhow I made a trail on Saturday 21st September. The length of the trail was about 700 meters and it had one bloodless section and also one 90 degrees sharp turn. I made the trail to an area I knew was abundant with live game.  At the end of the trail I set a dead rabbit.  

On Sunday 22nd September when the trail was enough old (about 20 hours) I took Boris with me. The weather was quite windy and dry trail very good so you know. This was the second time this year we trained so Boris was very excited. Boris had his tracking harness on and I attached the harness to a six meters long leash. Boris is very powerful dog so I had to slow down his going. Boris started the trail very well in spite of the windy weather and one berry picker just near the trail. When he had proceeded the trail about 300 meters until the 90 degrees sharp turn he had difficulties to find the right direction of the trail. I let him find the trail about 2 to 3 minutes.  At that time he couldn’t find the right direction of the trail so I had to show him the right direction. The rest of the trail went pretty well and this time Boris coped with the bloodless section very quickly. As always Boris was thrilled and extremely happy to find the rabbit at the end of trail. On the whole we had a nice time together!


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