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by Arve H. Brun


In 1995 we were invited to hunt in Latvia. 4 days of the most interesting hunt in different areas for roe-deer, wildboar, deer, fox and what we call "mårhund" (see a picture of it further down, because I don't know the english name for it).

Here: A meeting before the hunt starts together with the major of Ventspiels.

Latvia 1995


The Latvian hunters and a couple of their dogs.


This one was unlucky enough to loose an eye during the hunt, probably by a stick or branch.


This picture is taken on the border of Russia, during a hunt with some Latvian hunters that lived there.

Latvian hunters


Arve by the Russian border. There where a lot of wolf in this area.

Arve H. Brun


Even a local Lavian hunter got away and dissappeared in the enormous wooden areas. For a long time he was lost in the woods, but after he had heard a couple of shots from the others he found his way back.

"He's gone!"


After a successful hunt they served vodka, and the major is of course first to be served.

After the hunt


The major was happy when he shot the first deer of the day.

The major of Ventspiels


We used Russian 4 wheel drives to get out the game of the large areas.


Arve on the taiga. Only trees in 150 km in all directions.


Mårdhund. In Norway this animal is only registred north in Finmark.


A Latvian deer.


This one was a dangerous individual boiling of aggression. We were told not to get near him at all...


The major invited to his new hunting house and it even had a butchery for his privat use.

He served food and vine from all over the world - that night lasted forever!





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