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---- The Groenendael, Varg ----
missed, but not forgotten

Høyt gjør Garm utenfor Gnipperhellen, lenken sliter, og den glupske løper,

mangt vet jeg, videre ser jeg mot stridsguders ramme Ragnarok.  

Heddadikt, Voluspå (ancient poem)

This picture is probably from one of our first hunting trips ever - for both me and Varg, around 1980.

Varg is just 3 or 4 months old and I am less than 10 years. My father took us with him to learn us the basics of hunting.

André Brun & Varg




Back at our place in Vågå. The roe-deers this far north in Norway are strong and among the largest - they have to be to survive the rough climat, but despite of the hard winters they are amazingly healthy and fat.

Varg and André


Well, he just loves them roe-deers...(he-he the bastard is stealing roe-deer meat from a hung up animal when he thinks nobody sees him...) vargspiserradyr.jpg (15497 bytes)


varg_ifjell1.jpg (15402 bytes) varg_ifjell2.jpg (17526 bytes)

Varg straying in the high mountains of Jotunheimen.


Varg and my father, Arve H. Brun, after a successful reindeer hunt.


Varg and Arve


From one of the trips into the remote Finmarksvidda - the land of big trout.
On the way in we came across some reindeer herds. You can see the reindeers in and around the river - Varg in the left corner of the picture.

Varg on Finmarksvidda


Here's the box, now pick up those toys...

Varg and Ørjan



vinterjakt_ahb_varg.jpg (17028 bytes)

Cross country skiing. Varg has laid down - he's tired (wishful thinking...).


Varg with some local hunting friends. Just shot a roe deer. varg_lagmedradyr.jpg (14269 bytes)


On this picture I've just shot a roe-deer. I think it's at the end of december and it's pretty cold. andre_varg_radyrvinter.jpg (16124 bytes)

Varg & André



Vargportrett.jpg (38431 bytes)

Varg was a fine Groenendael male with a human like intelligence, and was the perfect fishing and hunting partner for fifteen and a half years. When others wouldn't go because of the weather/distance/time etc. Varg was always ready for a new adventure! THAT's my kind - he'd really understood what was important in life...



One summer Varg travelled with us to the Finmarksvidda two times . We were fishing in remote and desolate rivers on 70° N.

He really was an experienced fishing dog, too...

Varg and André



Here we're in Finmark fishing. On this trip it was som loaded with moskitos around the river that even Varg sometimes though enough was enough!! Otherwise I usually don't mind a couple of thousand of them buzzing bloodsuckers around my hat. Well, anyway, it was sometimes a relief to creep into the tent at night - the only moskito-free place for miles.   vargitelt.jpg (20566 bytes)


Varg, Arve and André on the Finmarksvidda


At the age of fiftheen and a half, Varg still "holds the fort" a cold winter morning at our place in Vågå.

He had become old, stiff and gray.

Varg is now dead, but the memory of a great fishing and hunting pal remains...


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