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hunting inDenmark

The Norwegian party - Arve, Arne, Nils and André - with our Danish friends. This picture is taken one morning at Paul Møller Nielsens place. He invited us to hunt ducks and pheasants with him in Denmark. Of course we went! Last year he went with us to Sørøya (70° N. in Norway) to hunt grouse in the fabolous nature far north.

At Pauls place


We hunted pheasants by ourselves at Pauls fields, but on of our days in Denmark we were invited to join the annual hunting gathering in the woods of the local Countess.

From the Countess' annual hunt


One of the greatest things about this hunt was to discover and partisipate in the traditions of our Danish hunting friends.

This picture is taken before one of the many hunts that day.

From the Countess' annual hunt


A couple of hunters with a K. Münsterlander and a wire- haired Vorteh.

During on of the hunts these two dogs chased a roe-deer and passed me in full speed - but too far away for a shotgun, about 40 meters away. So I just stood there and watched them: First came the roe-deer at a tremendous speed, then the Münsterlander and then the silent and determined Vorsteh...

Hunters, Vorsteh and a K. Münsterlander


A mallard - "high duck".

André and a mallard


Just arrived to a new hunting ground.



(from left) Arve, Paul and Arne are planning a days pheasant hunting.

Arve, Paul and Arne


And there are a lot of pheasants in Denmark.

Pheasants, mallards and a hare


The seremony after the hunt.



A melody was played with horns for each species shot during the day. A fine tradition we have experienced both in Denmark, Sweden and Polen.



Roe-deer, hares and pheasants. The hunting days in Denmark were very successful, first of all because no animal was wounded and left in the woods.



Wire haired Vorsteh retrieving a shot pheasant.

Wire haired Vorsteh


The house of the Countess. From 1570.


One day we hunted ducks out on the ocean. It was a new experience for us Norwegians, but it was a beautiful day with many exciting moments! That day we hired an old fishing boat and the captain.

Arve and Arne


The Norwegian party after a great day.

(left) Nils H., Arne, André, Arve and Paul.

The Norwegian party and Paul


Arve is taking care of the fine birds. They migrate from the coasts of Scandinavia and goes south when the winter arrives.

Arve with ducks


A fine day out on the ocean.


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