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hunting inScotland


Hunting in Scotland was one of the greatest experiences we have ever had! For many days we hunted pheasants, ducks, rabbits, canada goose, snipe and woodcock by walking in the woods and fields nearby Perthshire.

Hunting labs and hunter


The picture shows some of the hunting labradors we used during the hunts. They were of great help in finding the prey and retrieving.

Hunting Labradors (photo: A. Brun)


Here, Arne and André have shot some rabbits and hares. The hares were a little bigger than those found in Norway.

(photo: Arve H. Brun)


This picture is taken on the second day. Arve is looking at what we shot before lunch that day (!).

Arve H. Brun


Lunch back at the car. Arve, Nils, Arne and Michael are talking with the game keeper.



Arve and Michael, helping the dogs over a fence.

Arve and Michael


And this is the kind of terrain we hunted in. The pheasants are in there somewhere...

Arne and Nick


Nils is shooting at a pheasant. You can see the smoke from the barrel. Notice the dog already on his way.

Nils's shooting a pheasant (photo: André Brun)


André has shot an old canada goose. No wonder the dogs had a small problem retrieving this one.

André and Arne (photo: Arve H. Brun)


Arve and Nick after a days hunt - tired and exhausted...

Arve and Nick


André and labrador retriever

Nick and his dogs


The next day we hunted in a mountain terrain. This day one of the game keepers also brought with him an old Spaniel. It was an experienced and useful dog.

He actually caught a rabbit on his own - the dog suprised the rabbit in a dense bush...

Game keepers


The Spaniel is tired after a day's rough hunting.

Spaniel with pheasant


A nice terrain with both ducks, snipes and even grouse.

André B


The hunting areas were varied and exiting. All day long we walked up the game, with some experienced labs always in front of us. But they were well trained and usually kept the distance no longer than useful with a shotgun.

Pheasant hunting


André is looking at the pheasants, rabbits, wood cocks we shot that day. Arne even shot a grouse.

In Norway we usually hunt grouse, but here they where the exeption.

André (photo: Arne Aaberg)


The lab retrieving a mallard.

retrieving lab


Scotland had a huge variety of different birds - and a lot of them.

From left: Arne Aaberg, André Brun, Arve H. Brun and Nils H. Baggerød.

The Norwegian hunters


Michael Roberts, or excellent hunting guide, with his two Retrievers. These dogs proved to be great retrievers and were from special "hunting" blood lines.

Michael Roberts


This is a picture of the house we stayed in during our days in Scotland. It was situated nearby Perth in the middle of our three huntng grounds.

Guide link: Countrysports - hunting and guiding in Scotland


3 min. video clip: From our hunting in Scotland

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