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hunting inPoland

The experience of a lifetime

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We went to Poland two times to hunt wildboar, deer and rawdeer about 13 and 14 years ago. At that time, Poland still was a communist state and during our two trips it was an experience to discover the people and the powerty of the time, and how the political system had affected the great country. If you think about it today, hunting in Poland during that time and regime, is something no one ever will experience again.


Poland is an exciting country and it is perfect for hunters seeking the great hunting adventure.

André Brun, 14 years old.


Arve shot a nice wildboar on the first trip to Poland.

AHB and wildboar


We drow around in old 4wd military jeeps.

Polish 4wd military jeep


My father, Arve shot a nice deer on night. We had waited for a long time in total silence when we suddenly discovered some deers coming very carefully out from the woods and out on a field.

Arve H. Brun with a deer


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Arve and Erling with the Polish guides. That night Erling had wounded a wildboar and because of the darkness and because of the very dangerous wildboar, we had to wait untill the next morning to track it down.

The guides were scared and ready to climb up the next tree if the wildboar should suddenly attack.

Blood tracks


Antonio is looking for blood drops. The dog soon found the tracks of the wildboar.

The guide, Antonio and the dog


I shot this wildboar when I was 14 years old. Me and my father discovered 5 of them in the dark on night far out in the woods.

On command of my father, we crossed the wind direction very silently and slow to prevent the wind from bringing any sent of us against the wildboars.

The range was 75 meters and it was very difficult to shoot in almost total darkness. It was mounted a Pecar 4-10x40 on Arve's rifle. The Pecar has very good light transmission - and only because of that we were able to hunt early dawn and late dusk.

André with wildboar


Arve and André - father and son.

This picture is taken by our Polish guide.

André with the first roe-deer, 13 years old.


Hunting in Poland was an experience of a lifetime!

Erling Hagen, Arve H. Brun and André Brun



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