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White Wing
by André Brun

"(...) all lacking, as Dave Whitlock puts it, eyeballs, elbows, and arseholes"

John Gierach


"White Wing - the crazy moth imitation for night fishing!"

White Wing was original a moth imitation for night fishing. And it is a very good one too. It has the right ingredients we appreciate in a night fly: It is easy to see on the surface at night because of the bright wings, it floats by itself and it makes a lot of noise because it sits deep in the surface. A Swedish fishing group wrote a 6 page article on this fly after a summer with success. The White Wing outperformed all their flies when the moths were abundant. 



In Norway, 1997 was a summer crowded with moths. New of this year was the mini version of the fly: The Mini White Wing. It showed to be more a fly for daytime than the bigger flies. But during night a White Wing tied on a M79580 (now I tie it on a R72, sizes 10-14) still is the most consistent night fly in my boxes. It's a pretty simple fly to tie, but then again it is a fly mainly for night fishing and the details are not very necessary then.

If you have a good story on this fly - send me a mail! The last report I got on this fly was a little special - a fly fisherman from Norway had caught several sea-trouts on it! Don't ask me why, because I don't know anything about sea-trout fishing. 


White Wing


: Mustad R72 (2x tung/2x lang), #8-12.


: UNI-Cord 12/0 (GSP thread)


: Fly-Rite, # 22 (Cahill Tan)


: 3 thin slices of closed cell foam

Head : Spun deer hair



1. Dub a rough body.

2. Tie in 3 slices of foam on each side as shown on the picture.

3. Then spin the deer hair and whip-finish. Clip the head small and leave no collar.


autumn on the tundra...

Pics: OCH © AB



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