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Brun's Caddis

You may buy Brun's Caddis at SportFlies - category "Vikings - Scandinavian Selection".

Caddis imitation

Something about this fly makes it a good pattern when the caddis females are abundant! 


andre_brun_orret2.jpg (14472 bytes)This fly floats like a cork and fishes like there's no tomorrow! Something about this fly makes it a good pattern when the caddis females are abundant. But it may also be fished when there are not a lot of caddis activity. As a general fly for daytime, the fly can catch fish all day, nearby overhanging trees or other things that creates some shadow. Often there are some sporadic caddis activity in such places. Nearby shadow areas even by species that lay their eggs at dusk. On a 'caddis river' in july and august such places are worth studying even at daytime when nothing else is happening on the river.

The trimmed palmer hackle imitates the crawling legs of an egg layer on the surface. It also gives a segmented look to the dubbed body. With too many legs it's all exaggerated, of course, but many of my flies are exaggerations of the insects. The two wings together creates a tent like caddis wing that goes all the way down to the surface. This gives a great wing silhouette from underneath, but it also supports the fly.

abveiefisk.jpg (24055 bytes)

André Brun (photo: Odd Cr. Hagen)


Brun's Caddis


: Mustad R30, #8-18


: Brown Uni 8/0


: Fly-Rite, #20 (Dark Tan)

Back wing

: Brown poly yarn


: Rooster, Grizzly


: Brown poly yarn


1) Pull a single ply of poly yarn in half (or in three pieces for a small fly) and tie in the back wing as a tail. Tie in the hackle at the front of the body.


2) Dub the body back to the end of the hook shank.


3) Wrap a palmer hackle.


4) Rib the body with the tying thread towards the eye.


5) Trim the hackle at top and bottom. Tie in the wing at the front. Clip the two wings as shown on the picture, and leave a small head.


somewhereinnorway.jpg (30310 bytes)

André B - caddis box
The caddis box

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André © Brun


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