Ørretboms - med fluefiske som livsstil

Orginalfilmen fra 2004

Utsolgt/Sold out

Ørretboms 2 - Kodeknekker'n

Oppfølgeren til originalfilmen fra 2004 - Ørretboms.

Ørretboms 3 - Island

Det store fluefiskeeventyret på Island. Et uoppdaget land for en ørretfisker...

Ørretboms 4 - Jurassic Lake

I den første filmen noensinne fra Jurassic Lake får du se et fantastisk miljø og fluefiske.

Flytying shop: Polychenille og Micro Polychenille



I think it is very important that a extended body material bends under pressure when a trout rises to the fly, and still is stiff enough so it holds its position. When creating the AB's Polychenille we've had great emphasis on that. As a bonus with this material, we get flies that fishes well, floats like a cork and are fast and easy to tie.

The AB's Polychenille are a huge success in Scandinavia, and people use the material for imitating both the largest mayfly species, like the E.danica and E.vulgata to the smaller mayflies like the Baetidae. Also great for extended bodies on craneflies, bibios etc.





AB's MICRO Polychenille colours: $16.00 (3 pack) See photo




AB's Polychenille colours: $7.00 See photo




10 Pack Polychenille - AB's Polychenille $63.00 (+ Golden Tan test colour)

- $7 when ordering 10 pack.





Closed Cell Foam for Hvitvinge and other flies (view.
Celleplast closed cell foam fly tying




Flyline Heat Shrink Tubing

For making loops on the fly line. Safe, fast and simple. 
Also great to have a reserve in the backpack if you have to make a new loop during a long fishing trip etc.
photo of the package.

Flyline Heat Shrink Tubing









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Some old video clips using the AB's Polychenille:

- Baetis Micro Dun - Danica Polychenille Dun - BRUN'S TIPULA




MICRO DUN (an extended body of Micro Polychenille that hooks incredibly well and really looks like the real thing) - VULGATA DUN (easy to cast with light lines - and hooks trout very well despite that it is a 19-20 mm long fly) -VULGATA EMERGER (This is an awesome fly, and I've had some 4 lbs+ brown trouts on this one, so it really brings some good memories to mind. And it works every time they want an emerger, even the most spooky large trout takes this one first time. A simple fly, but a real winner when the conditions are tough and the mayflies are abundant) - BRUN'S CADDIS PUPA (A very nice caddis pupa imitation that lays perfect in the film for imitating those fast emerging caddis species.) - BRUN'S CADDIS EMERGER (This is a secret weapon one or two hours before the actual caddis hatch shows up on the surface.) - BIBIO (A must-have-fly! When you need it, you need it bad... Trust me. ) - BRUN'S TIPULA (A very popular fly that has been around us for many years. won't fail when the trout are in the mood for egg-laying craneflies.).